1. Why should I use FUDL?
As a customer, the benefits to you for availing FUDL services (a) You can enjoy a fresh and healthy homemade meal without the hassle of cooking, buying grocery and cleaning-up afterwards (b) Reduce your monthly costs on food by stopping your junk takeaway orders (c) Feel healthy and energetic with our freshly cooked meals (d) Get more personal time and enjoy your family/social life (e) Get to enjoy a variety of cuisines and speciality dishes that you will never find in restaurants and takeaways.

2. How do you ensure quality and hygiene of meals that you sell on your website?
We follow an onboarding process when we take new chefs. We ensure that all our home-chefs and their premises are registered for food business operations with their local council and they maintain good food hygiene rating of 3 stars. Our chefs use quality ingredients only  e.g Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Freerange and class A poultry etc. We do take care to provide all accurate information in the Meal Description and Meal Information related to ingredients and allery/dietary advise. We also take our customers' feedback very seriously. We do take action to remove a home-chef when we receive negative customer feedback. 

3. Why do I need to pre-order my meals?
There 2 main benefits that our customers get in pre-ordering (a) Convenience of on-time delivery (b) Lower price of the meals (c) A fresh meal [not from frozen or re-heated] (d) To maintain home food taste and healthiness, our chefs prepare the meals in limited quantity. Most of the popular meal options get pre-booked. To enjoy those popular meals, we recommend that you pre-book your meals.
As our home-chefs prepare everything fresh on the same day, having your pre-orders help in ensuring that we don't waste food or freeze them for next day sell. We are able to offer the meals at lower price by reducing our wastage.

4. I want regular meals at my office and at home, can you deliver that to me on time?
Yes, we do take orders for regular meal deliveries to office and home. You can place your orders in advance or order regular subscription for your lunch and dinner meals. All subscription meal orders will be at much discounted rate than the one-off meal orders.

5. On your delivery zones I see very limited areas. Are you planning to extend your delivery zones?
We are extending our freshly cooked food supply and delivery network. Soon we will be extending our services to East, South East and other areas in London. Please submit your details for us to prioritise our service extension to your area.

6. How can I pay for my orders?
We accept bank transfers, mobile (Pingit) payments, paypal payments and credit/debit card payments. In the checkout process select the best option for you to pay.

7. Can I cancel or amend an order that I have placed?
Yes, you can cencel or amend an order before a certain time. Usually for lunch orders you can amend/cancel the order before 9:00pm on previous and for dinner orders you can cancel/amend it before mid-day on the same day. You will get the amount credited to your FUDL account for your cancelled orders.
For late cancellations and not being available to accept the deliveries, the Chefs will full amount of the Meal. As our Chefs are individuals and operate on a low margin model, we would appreciate your cooperation in letting us know about your cancellations and amendments in advance.

8. What is the difference between your service and other takeaway services like Just-Eat or Hungryhouse?
There are a few differences in our services and other takeaway ordering services. To name some of them (a) We have a quality control process in place to ensure fresh and healthy meals (b) You will get traditional dish options and secret recipe dishes that can never be found in takeaways and restaurants (c) You can place your subscription order and get your regular meals delivered to you (d) Our home-chefs are individuals who take personal care in preparing your meals (e) There is no minimum order value, you can place order for what you really want (f) We sell complete meals rather than individual portions of dishes (g) We work in a social enterprise model and empower individuals with culinary excellency to run their own business and grow.

9. I am a business traveller. Can I avail FUDL service and can I get Invoice/Receipt for all my orders?
Yes, our service is very much to business travellers. You can still enjoy a healthly homemade meal for as long as you are away from home. We can send you invoice for your entire business trip.

10. How can I use the discount coupon codes that I have?
After adding your selected meal to the basket, open the shopping cart view. You will see options to use Coupon/Voucher in the shopping cart view. Provide the coupon code there and the value of your coupon will be applied to the order.

11. I have a discount Coupon code but the system doesn't accept it?
There are certain rules with each coupon code that we issue. Coupons have validity period, restricted for number of use and amount and some are only for registered customers. If you have a coupon code that is not accepted by the system then please get in touch with our Customer Service team to find the exact reason.

12. I have a complaint, how can I register my complain?
You can post your feedback related to the meal that you have ordered as a rating comment for that meal. If you have more generic complain about our online system or any other thing related to our services, please post your feedback through the contact us form available online. You can also write to us at customersupport@fudl.co.uk or call us on our number.

13. I have food allergy, can you prepare food for my needs?
Please let us know your dietary requirements when you place the order or contact us before placing the order. We will advise you if we can meet your dietary requirements.

14. Do you use halal meat? 
Our chefs use halal as well as non-halal meat. We provide the details in the Meal Information section. Please read the Meal Information section for your selected meal to find out if the meat used is halal or non-halal.

15. What are the delivery hours for lunch and dinner? 
Our chefs and delivery team aim to deliver all the lunch meals by 1:00pm. Dinner delivery times differ from area to area and for the meal that you have ordered. If you are concerned about the delivery hours and suitability to your needs, please get in touch with our Customer Services team. 

16. Are you planning to introduce immediate meal delivery, like other takeaways?
Our home-chefs aiming to take immediate orders in near future. When our home-chefs get to a steady state of business, they will have better predictability of demand of their meals and then they can plan to take immediate orders, yet ensuring fresh food and no wastage.

17. I am Chef, can I sign-up for offering meals on FUDL?
Yes, please contact our Chef Support team at chefsupport@fudl.co.uk to get more information and know about our Chef onboarding process. There is no cost for starting your business as a FUDL home-chef, we will support and guide you through your initial stages.