About Us

Welcome to www.fudl.co.uk website and our mobile applications. www.fudl.co.uk website and the FUDL mobile applications are operated by PERITOM Limited, incorporated and registered in the England and Wales. Our company registration number is 08682154.

We have established the FUDL service to create a community of home food caterers and customers who love home made food. Our mission is to promote the home made food service and make the services easily accessible to customers to improve their busy lifestyle. Our promise is "Best taste of home made food delivered fresh from the kitchen". 


The founding team at FUDL consists of 6 technology professionals and food enthusiasts. With a collective experience of 140 years, the founding team brings a wealth of technology expertise to make the experience more personable for our customers and our catering partners. The team is continuously putting their effort to improve our Meal options by partnering with new caterers and ensuring good quality of Meals and services with our existing partner caterers. The team is personally looking at all customer feedback to improve our application design and enhance the customer experince in accessing our applications or services.

We would appreciate your input, feedback and help in achieving our mission to promote home made food. If you want your favourite lunch box supplier to be lsited on our website or if you know and home chef who would be interested to join our Chef's club, please contact us at customersupport@fudl.co.uk or submit your input through our contact us form.